How Would Texas and Oklahoma Change the SEC?


As first reported by Brent Zwerneman of the Houston Chronicle, Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to the Southeastern Conference about potentially joining the conference. So far, there have been no comments from either university or the SEC, leading many to believe if the story is true.

The addition of these teams to the SEC would create shockwaves throughout the landscape of college football. If the last round of conference realignment is an accurate predictor for this round, there would be no conference untouched.

Here’s what it could mean for the SEC.

SEC Scheduling Could Change Radically.

The addition of the Oklahoma and Texas would have many effects within the SEC, but the simplest is just a numbers game. The action of two teams would take the conference from 14 to 16 teams and create the first “super conference” in college athletics, assuming no schools are removed.

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