Here’s an incredible 1958 video interview with Ernie Banks


As most of you know, I am a student of Cubs and baseball history, and have often posted items here from the past of our favorite team and sport.

Today, I have a video to share with you that hasn’t been seen by many, or any, in more than six decades.

I received this video from Barb Johnson Nielsen, archives editor and Throwback producer for News 8, the CBS television station in San Diego. It’s apparently been tucked away in their archives all these years.

The Cubs played an in-season exhibition against the then-minor league San Diego Padres on August 11, 1958, a scheduled off day between a homestand and a road trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco. There haven’t been any such in-season exhibitions (a MLB team vs. a minor league club) since 2002 and the Cubs haven’t played one since 1996. These used to be common, to help promote major league baseball in cities where it wasn’t played, and sometimes to raise money for charities. Now, though, MLB teams zealously guard their off days, and for good reason — today’s schedule and travel requirements don’t leave any room for such games, baseball is in many more cities today than it was in the 1950s, and teams raise money for charities in many other ways.

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