Guerin-teed it was quite a week: Tylan Wallace, Zaven Collins remind us why we put up with Roger Goodell, NFL BS every draft weekend


The NFL has turned draft weekend into performance art. Way too much Roger Goodell. Way too little sincerity.

It’s still must-see drama, though, because we still get to see players, their families and their reactions.

The Kings of Leon mini concert Thursday night got old after a minute. Fans sitting in Goodell’s lounge chair on stage all weekend got old after 10 seconds.

Replays of Zaven Collins wrapped in his mom’s embrace after being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals? That will never get old.

Video of Tylan Wallace hugging his twin brother, Tracin, after being picked by the Baltimore Ravens, the two of them brushing off tears as they separate? Will never get old.

That’s the sweet stuff that keeps us tuned in. That’s the stuff that cuts straight through the BS and gets right to the heart of what’s happening.

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