Guerin Emig: College football players lock arms, fans who see them as human beings applaud, and hope rises


Here is a timeline of hope.

On June 4, with George Floyd’s murder ripping open yet again America’s scab of racial injustice, Oklahoma defensive lineman Isaiah Thomas tweeted a game photo where he is kneeling, head bowed, with African-American teammates Marcus Stripling, Marcus Hicks and Tyrese Robinson.

“If you can’t support me in my street clothes,” Thomas tweeted above the picture, “don’t support me in my uniform.”

On Sept. 9, the week of OU’s season opener against Missouri State, I recalled Thomas’ message and asked him about it.

“I felt that way after everything we’ve been seeing about social injustice going on for African Americans,” the Memorial High School alum said. “Doc Rivers said it best: ‘We love a country that doesn’t love us back.’

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