Giants Splash: Preparing for a season that might not happen


Will there be a baseball season in 2020?

That’s a far more important question than, “Can the Giants contend in a short season?” Or, “Who’ll get most the time at DH?” Or, “Will Joey Bart get a chance to make a splash?”

The Giants are scheduled to open the season July 23 at Dodger Stadium, but it’s anyone’s guess if that game will be played. It’s supposed to follow the Yankees-Nationals opener as part of an ESPN double-header, a beginning featuring the team with the most World Series championships against the one that won the Series last year.

It’s a fine plan, but many obstacles first need to be overcome, and they’re not easy ones. From the players who tested positive to the players who opted out to all the testing fiascoes, baseball has some genuine problems that could derail even a shortened season.

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