Giants play Cactus League debut in front of fans: ‘nice to see some live humans’


Sunday brought us good, old-fashioned hope. A staple of every spring training. Except in this case, the level of hope wasn’t just about the rotation, lineup and Buster Posey’s comeback season. It was about a worldwide pandemic and the pursuit of normalcy.

The Giants were back at Scottsdale Stadium, and so were fans. As in, people. Real people. Real people sitting in their seats and cheering and celebrating and partying and cherishing the fact they were watching ball in person again, making for a delightful atmosphere.

Even though it wasn’t exactly the same.

The attendance limit was 1,000 (normal capacity is 12,000), and there were no autograph opportunities or vendors in the aisles. Masks were required (though more than a few didn’t follow the rules), and no one was allowed on the lawn beyond the left-field wall (though fans were permitted within the 12 marked squares on the grass past right-center).

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