Georgia brothers want to rename Atlanta Braves to ‘Bravest’


ATLANTA – Marty and Chris Buccafusco have been Braves fans all their lives, but they think it is time to start cheering for a new team–or at least a new team name.

“We love this team,” Marty explained.

The brothers launched an effort about two years ago to rename the Atlanta Braves to the “Bravest,” in honor of firefighters. Their push has new momentum now with the recent decisions by the Washington Redskins to change their name and the Kansas City Chiefs to ban fans from wearing Native American headdresses and face paint.

“The country is clearly going through a moment of reckoning with race relations and its legacies of racism,” said Chris Buccafusco. “If a fundamental aspect of being a fan, right, getting to dress up as your team, is wrong, that’s because there’s something wrong with the team name. And it seems to us that Atlanta and Kansas City and Cleveland and Chicago’s hockey team are starting to catch on.”

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