Game 5 NLCS: Braves at Dodgers


Well, it’s not as if the Dodgers haven’t been in this exact spot before. They faced the same 3-1 deficit just a year ago against these same Braves in the NLCS before rattling off three straight wins in route to their first championship since 1988.

The circumstances are nearly identical to last season. The only real difference being that the Dodgers finished this season with the 2nd best record in baseball instead of the best record.

If they want to defend their title, they’ll have to do it one more time. Only 14 teams in baseball history have erased a 3-1 deficit. Only three teams have done it multiple times.

And no team has done it in back-to-back seasons. One team has done it in back-to-back postseason series’ though. That team is of course the 1985 Royals, who overcame a 3-1 deficit in the ALCS against the Blue Jays and again in the World Series against the Cardinals.

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