Football: Top five Badger teams of our lifetime, part II


We continue to reflect and bask in recent Badger football glory. The list of the top five Badger football teams in our lifetime (1997-2019) continues with the reveals of third and second place picks. To recap, the 2019 season took home fifth place on our list, while the 1999 Badgers took home fourth place.

3. 2011

I would like to preface this choice by saying the only barrier keeping the 2011 team from a top spot on this list were back-to-back last-second, heartbreaking road losses to Michigan State University and Ohio State University after a 6-0 start to the season for the Badgers. The Michigan State loss is still controversial to this day.

Replay reviews typically have to show indisputable evidence for a call to be overturned. When Michigan State’s Keith Nicol caught Kirk Cousins’ deflected Hail Mary on the goal line as time expired in a 31-31 game, nothing in the review provided clear evidence for the call to be reversed to a game-winning score.

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