Eight Wasn’t Enough


Alternate reality isn’t a safe space. It’s just safer.

My preferred land of make-believe from the past two decades is where Ted Ginn doesn’t go down on the first play of the Ohio State-Florida BCS title game – because it is impossible to disprove. And it’s a much healthier place for fans like me who witnessed the real version.

After Teddy left that game – just one blessed play into the coronation – the Buckeyes lost any ability to stretch the field which allowed the Gators to pay rent in the trenches, and the outcome was academic. Ohio State plus Ginn (plus a quick 7-point lead) is far more competitive and possibly wins the imaginary game. Imaginary. Still feels unfair.

Of course, Ginn wouldn’t have made any difference that night trespasses on our alternate reality. Equally impossible to disprove. Safer doesn’t mean safe. We have a gruesome view of reality, even from where the Buckeyes have their most explosive player.

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