Dodgers’ Kobe Bryant tribute on anniversary of tragedy was amazing


The Dodgers’ Kobe Bryant tribute, on the first anniversary of his tragic passing, will take your breath away.

Of all the exceptionally depressing realities that were brought forth by completing a season without fans in 2020 — a championship season, no less — perhaps the most galling one was our inability to mourn together.

One year ago, the city of Los Angeles lost among the most impactful figures of the past two decades when Kobe Bryant, along with his daughter Gianna and seven other victims, perished in a helicopter accident. It was a moment none of us had foreseen, and Angelinos — as is their wont — came together to comfort one another.

But when it came time for the Dodgers to pay proper respects to the Bryant family and the other losses, they were woefully unable to. The team never donned No. 24 en masse in front of an adoring crowd. Mookie Betts never gave a speech to a packed Dodger Stadium, absorbing the responsibility of carrying the torch to the next generation of Southern Californian success. When play resumed, it was six months later, and there was not a soul in the house to see it.

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