Detroit Tigers: Waiting another year to get it right for Lou Whitaker


As the fury of articles explaining why writers voted for who for the Hall of Fame is released today, Detroit Tigers fans wait patiently for 2022 as that is when the Modern Era Committee will meet and decide who was missed to give them their opportunity to enter the hallowed halls in Cooperstown.

The last time the committee got together, they voted in Marvin Miller and Ted Simmons which I had no problem with as Miller’s work as the executive director of the MLBPA made them one of the strongest collective bargaining forces in the United States and the Detroit native Simmons was one of the productive catchers during what is considered the “Modern Baseball” era of baseball (1970-1987).

Lou Whitaker received just six votes, which is well shy of the 12 votes for election in 2019. The five-time All-Star and winner of four Gold Gloves, not to mention having two of his best bWAR seasons after the age of 30 (6.8 at the age of 34 in 1991, 4.7 at the age of 35 in 1992) was a model of consistency for Detroit.

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