David Ross promises Kyle Schwarber, ‘It’s not going to be strictly a DH role’


Cubs manager David Ross broached a touchy subject with Kyle Schwarber while the season was on hiatus: The designated hitter.

Analysts have long pegged Schwarber as a natural DH, and he’s openly resented that evaluation of his game. But such talk had always been theoretical. He’s been a National League player his whole career.

Enter the coronavirus pandemic. This season, due to a shortened and regionally-based schedule, MLB is adopting the universal DH. And Schwarber is on the Cubs’ list of players to fill the spot.

“He’s comfortable in the DH spot, he told me that,” Ross said Monday. “I told him it’s not going to be strictly a DH role for him.”

Schwarber isn’t the only one on the list.

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