Curt Schilling got what he deserved yet again with Hall of Fame snub


Curt Schilling can pay the admission price to look at his paint-covered sock at the Baseball Hall of Fame, just like the rest of us.

When the Baseball Hall of Fame finally presents its class of 2020 at an induction ceremony at least one calendar year after it should’ve happened, Derek Jeter will take to the stage to talk about the majesty of the pinstripes. Larry Walker will be there to tell an entire nation that occasionally, if a young hockey star is crazy enough, he might just persevere to greatness in an entirely different sport.

And Curt Schilling will be on Twitch, live-streaming a rant about why Nancy Pelosi has satanic blood.

Yankees fans were first on the Schilling-hating bandwagon, and let history show that we were utterly correct all along, long before the man’s abhorrent views leaked into the mainstream, then became mainstream themselves.

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