Cora’s COVID message: Stay safe, your team needs you


Red Sox manager Alex Cora isn’t your usual Florida tourist.

“It’s an off-day here tomorrow. Hopefully it rains and it’s cold,” he said on Sunday as he prepared for the team to take its first full break of spring training.

It’s not that Cora doesn’t like sunshine. He would just prefer that his players stay home with their families and not risk any potential COVID-19 exposure.

With bad weather, he said, “There’s no temptation of going to the beach or going to an outdoor restaurant or whatever. So I’ll be praying for that.”

The actual forecast for Fort Myers, where Boston trains: mostly sunny, high in the low 70s, almost zero chance of rain.

What started in the early days of the pandemic as a health concern has also become a competitive issue for baseball teams, who have been reminded over the past year that a player on the COVID-19 list can’t help them win games.

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