Cam the Man: Newton off the field


Cam Newton is a Heisman winner, an NFL MVP and now a New England Patriot. Before Newton puts on his new jersey for the first time, we’re introducing Patriots fans to the man who hardly needs an introduction.

He’s much more than an athlete with a bold fashion sense, so here is what Patriots fans can expect from Newton off the field.

After most touchdowns, there is a signature Newton celebration, whether it’s a dab or the Superman, but in quieter moments, Newton makes the day of young fans. Instead of keeping the football, Newton hands it off to kids in the stands.

When asked by the Charlotte Observer why he does this, Newton said it started his rookie year as a compromise with his former offensive coordinator Mike Shula. Shula didn’t always love Newton celebrating, so when Newton asked what else he could do, his coach suggested what eventually became known as his “Sunday giveaways.”

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