Brian Kelly joins Nick Saban, Steve Sarkisian and others who abruptly left for new positions


It’s a scene that sports fans hate to see. So, let’s set it up:

Your team is having a successful season. The head coach’s name is floated for a position elsewhere. Slight panic sets in. But then that coach says everything the fans — and players, of course — want to hear, that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Breathe that sigh of relief.

It’s a scene that many know oh too well. Coaches double down on their current position — then end up leaving for greener pastures. Though it doesn’t always happen, it can. And it does. The result of such a move causes a bombardment of emotions — from anger to sadness to pure confusion.

Unfortunately, there is a large carousel of college coaches who have said one thing and done the complete opposite. Here’s a look at some notable “misunderstandings,” which then left the colleges, athletic directors, players and recruits in scramble mode.

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