Blue Jays and the Ideal Free Agent


There are a number of outstanding players coming up for free agency in the upcoming two offseasons. Which one should the Jays target?

Play the game of “what if” with me. Suppose that Rogers tells Shapiro that they were willing to give him the budget to afford one $25-40m per year uberstar. But only one. Which player would you target?

Ground rules

Assume (for purposes of this exercise) that the Jays could sign any of the players below at the contract values I guesstimate. So (for the purposes of this game) none of them sign extensions with their existing teams, and the Jays do not have to prioritize a “[Blue} bird in the hand”


Mookie Betts (2020-21)

Mookie’s 35 fWAR from 2015-19 is second only to some fish from Anaheim. But 10.4 of that was earned in 2018, Boston’s cheating year. His average WAR over the last 5 years excluding 2018 was 6.25. More Arenado-like than Trout-lite.

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