Big Papi’s son chasing his own MLB dream


Now 16 years old and just over a year away from graduating from high school, D’Angelo Ortiz inhabits the same kind of playground he’s been in since he could walk.

All of his life, from his earliest memories, he’s had one vocational goal — and that’s to be a baseball player.

“Just a baseball player,” confirmed D’Angelo. “I’ve still got to get my work in, but, baseball player, that’s it. That’s all it is.”

It’s something that means everything to him.

Millions upon millions have had the same dream, but D’Angelo’s story is a little different.

His father, David, is a living legend who is considered iconic in Boston and the Dominican Republic — and beloved even by most casual baseball followers.

The long shadow Big Papi casts is one D’Angelo — who now stands 6-foot and weighs roughly 200 pounds — has no fear of. In fact, he embraces it.

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