Bengals studied a lot of offenses to find what’s comfortable for Joe Burrow


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Word from the Bengals has been uniformly positive about quarterback Joe Burrow‘s participation in the offseason program, but that work was done remotely and offensive coordinator Brian Callahan identified one issue the team will have to deal with once they are on the field.

Callahan said that the offense has been almost entirely installed, but Burrow may run plays on the field for the first time and say “I’m not high on this play” once he sees it like that. Callahan said the Bengals would take that information and use it to continue tailoring the offense to what the first overall pick does like to do.

That process has included taking things Burrow did at LSU and Callahan said they’ve also pulled things from teams around the NFL in order to put together the best possible package for the coming season.

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