Behind Enemy Lines: TCU Horned Frogs


Gameday is fast approaching, and the Kansas Jayhawks have an interesting opponent coming up. For some reason, KU usually seems to play the TCU Horned Frogs close, no matter how big the talent disparity. So what can we expect from this game? To find out, I contacted Melissa Triebwasser of Frogs O’ War, the SB Nation site that covers TCU.

RCT: This season seemed to start with so much promise, but the offense seems to be going backwards. What’s going on with this team?

FOW: Well, coming into the year I think we knew there would be some issues, and coupled with that whole “global pandemic” thing, figured that this probably wasn’t a team that was going to be a true contender. I even got ripped in the comments by several fans for slowing the locomotive to AT&T. But, it’s still a highly disappointing year; bad playing calling on offense coupled with poor offensive line play and the inconsistency of Max Duggan as a passer have really held the team back in winnable games. And then, just as the line was player better and Duggan was finding his touch again, the defense got torpedoed by injuries, including to the first and second string cornerbacks and our most veteran defensive lineman. So it’s really just been a back and forth of suck.

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