Baer, Giants are ‘big supporters’ of MLB expanded playoffs


he Giants are going to have to fight like hell through the NL West’s tough terrain this season to make the playoffs. If it were up to Giants CEO Larry Baer, it would be a little easier for San Francisco and the rest of the league to make it to the postseason.

“Yeah, we’ve been very clear that we’re hopeful for expanded playoffs,” Baer said Sunday morning to KNBR’s Marty Laurie. “If you remember last year, it was done in the last minute. We’d be supportive of expanded playoffs. All of the discussions are happening between the players association and Rob Manfred and the commissioner’s office, so I don’t know.

“As of now, we’re assuming they won’t be in place because they’re not now on February 28th, but it’s not impossible that it could be done late in spring training and before Opening Day.”

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