Astros insider: José Urquidy limits damage to solo homers


Minnesota does excel in one important area. It entered Friday’s game with 88 home runs. Houston allowed four more, giving the Twins a long-awaited look at the top of a leaderboard. The Twins lineup is top-heavy, containing one of the sport’s longest-tenured sluggers and a former American League MVP. Nelson Cruz and Josh Donaldson will get theirs. Limiting the production around them is paramount.

Cruz crushed a full-count fastball into the left-field seats in the first. Donaldson deposited a hanging slider during the third. Miguel Sano sandwiched another solo home run around them in the second against Astros starter José Urquidy. Sano struck an elevated four-seamer 418 feet into the left-field seats. The Twins took a 3-1 lead against Urquidy after the carnage.

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