Analyst Reacts To Steelers’ Draft: How Does The League Let Them Draft Le’Veon Bell And Heath Miller?


Not everyone loves what the Pittsburgh Steelers did during this year’s draft. But count Emory Hunt as a big, big fan. He joined Ross Tucker on Tucker’s podcast to rave about not only what the Steelers did but how predictable their draft – in a good way – was.

“I feel like the Steelers filled out their card already,” Hunt joked on the show. “The draft always falls to where they get those players. You let the Steelers get Najee Harris and Pat Freiermuth. How do you allow that happen? You let them get Le’Veon Bell and Heath Miller all over.”

Harris has been compared to by many, myself included, as a Le’Veon Bell clone. Both have near-identical size, catching ability, can hurdle, and both lack home run ability as their only clear negative. Freiermuth has been compared to by Miller by the likes of Greg Cosell. A touch strong for my tastes but Freiermuth is a well-rounded tight end who can block and catch, just like Miller.

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