ALDRICH: Conflicting rules make public health orders hard to follow


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All Melanie Martin wants is to ensure a safe place for her 12-year-old son Nathaniel to take swimming lessons.

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She had assumed, everyone in the pool was required to be vaccinated and provided proof of the vaccination. It took a change of the person at the desk for her to realize this may not be the case.

The previous three weeks, the person at the desk at Margaret Grant Pool checked everyone’s vaccination card as presented, but this weekend there was someone different at reception and he informed them there was no reason for him to check her son’s card as he was not 18.

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It was not until then that she realized the province’s policy only called for a proof of vaccination if you were the age of the majority. Meanwhile, every parent or family member over the age of 18 in the lobby not only has to provide a proof of vaccination but is required to mask up.

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