Admit It, the Astros Are Awesome: Unchecked


People might not like it, but we probably need to give the Houston Astros some credit.

Yes, they cheated and we won’t forget it, but it’s pretty apparent at this point (unless they are somehow still pulling off a sign stealing scheme) that they aren’t a product of the cheating, and are a heck of a baseball team.

Becoming the third squad ever to make five straight League Championship Series proves that. As does wiping away the White Sox stellar rotation with a contact heavy approach that is the antithesis of the home run or strikeout result we’ve become accustomed to seeing. One that led to them leading the majors in runs scored with the lowest K rate. The Astros have also won their postseason contests at nearly a 60% clip over the last half decade, which is certainly a stat worthy of banging a trash can over.

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