ACC Football Staff Predictions: Week 8


Just because the Tar Heels are taking the week off doesn’t mean we will! You think we would stop your favorite staff picking contest for a bye? No, we do not.

Why would we? Things have stayed tight after most of us had a great weekend, thanks to the Tar Heels barely holding on against the Hurricanes. What’s funny is that most of us appear to have a good week picking when the Tar Heels do well, and not so well when the Tar Heels suffer. It’s funny because for the first time, a significant portion of the staff decided the rest of the football season was done, and picked the Hurricanes to prevail.

For a long time that seemed like a silly pick, but as time wound down in Kenan and Miami crept closer, it sure looked like that members of the staff were onto something. Instead, Cedric Gray saved our collective souls, and they had to take the L. In a season where there hasn’t been a lot of separation, that could be the difference between finishing near the top and finishing last. Something at least one member of our staff has been desperate to not do again.

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