3 ways the Bengals can have success vs. Chicago


3. Apply a clean, multidimensional pass rush against Andy Dalton and the Bears.

What I mean by this is that the Bengals are very familiar with Andy Dalton’s tendencies as a QB as he was in Cincinnati for nine seasons. So the Bengals need to use that as a strength in how they attack gaps when blitzing. Dalton struggles when pressure is applied, so giving the Bears offensive line different looks and rushing the passer from different angles and aspects will be vital in the defense’s success.

If Cincinnati lets Dalton sit in the pocket and throw the ball, he will be successful more than not. He is not a bad QB by any means, which means the defense needs to be as aggressive as they were with Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook as they are with Andy Dalton and David Montgomery. If Montgomery gets going early and finds his rhythm, this game will be close and will play into the 4th quarter a lot like the Minnesota game. But if we can limit chunk plays on the ground, push the Bears behind the chains and force Dalton to make rugged, uncomfortable passes, then Cincinnati should have a lot of success as a unit.

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