2022 Payroll & Projected Budget


Postseason baseball games are still being played but it’s time for us Cards fans to start preparing for the offseason. That begins with taking a critical look at the Cardinals’ payroll. Doing this helps us both see the gaps that exist in the Cards’ current roster and to begin to anticipate how they will choose to fill those gaps.

Calculating payroll and guessing on potential budgets for the next year used to be a relatively simple affair. Fangraphs, Cot’s, and Spotrac (among other sites) have all that information readily available.

However, the trade for Nolan Arenado threw a giant wrench into the Cardinals’ financial situation. It’s a complicated contract to begin with, including multiple opt-outs. The trade from the Rockies further complicated it, adding in multiple sections of deferred money and cash coming in various allocations from Colorado.

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