SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “”Have Some Common Sense” Edition


Good Wednesday to you Steelers’ fans.

As I’ve stated and will state many more time in this space, I am not a whiz when it comes to the NFL Salary Cap. That said, I do have some basic common sense that more fans really need to acquire. I hate to sound like I’m on my high-horse here but let me explain. If the Steelers are already going to have a hard time keeping Bud Dupree, then why all of the sudden would they be able to afford Jadeveon Clowney? Do they think he’s going to play in Pittsburgh for a lot less than what Dupree would want? No! He’s going to want money similar to what Dupree would demand. The other example of this issue is at backup quarterback. Fans are clamoring for a veteran backup quarterback. While I understand their concern and desire for this, the problem again is money. These guys aren’t going to play for peanuts especially if you’re looking for backups with quality starting experience. The truth is that there are teams who will pay much more for those services. Marcus Mariota for example is likely to go somewhere else simply because of money and what he will see as a better chance to start. Furthermore, the Steelers appear to have put all of their eggs in Mason Rudolph’s basket anyway. Look, I know we all want the Steelers to sign every big name free agent out there but that just isn’t the way they do things and they sure won’t this year with the cap issues being what they are. It boils down to common sense folks. That’s the easiest way I can put it.

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