SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “”Copycat” Edition


Good Monday to you Steelers’ fans.

As disappointed as I am that our Steelers are not playing in the Super Bowl, there is definitely part of me that is glad to see New England and Baltimore not playing in it either. This is however, a unique time for all other 30 teams in the National Football League. As most of you are aware, the game of football is all about copycats. When a team has success with anything deemed to be new, the other coaches around the league immediately take notice. Therefore, I think there are some things to take from the Chiefs and 49ers going forward. San Francisco has once again proven that you don’t need a number one running back anymore. This isn’t to say that having a primary back is bad but it’s clear you can be successful with numerous and not highly paid guys running the ball. There’s an argument to be made that Kansas City has done the same with it’s backs but that’s not where I’m going to focus. Instead, I think the thing to take from them offensively is motion and movement in general. They constantly have guys moving to the point where it almost looks like the CFL. Ironically, the Steelers have new Quarterbacks’ Coach Matt Canada who is known for utilizing motion. I still don’t know what the intention is for using Canada but the other thing that helps is having athletes like the Chiefs have. That’s always the problem with copycating other teams. The idea may be there but the personnel is pretty important too.

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