Nationals’ Kurt Suzuki says Astros were still cheating during 2019 World Series


The Astros are known to have stolen signs via electronic means during the 2017 season, when they won the World Series, and during at least part of 2018. Now veteran catcher Kurt Suzuki, whose Nationals edged the Astros in seven games for the title this past season, says Houston was stealing signs during the 2019 Fall Classic.

Via Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post, here’s what Suzuki had to say on the matter:

“Do you think the Astros were still cheating in the ’19 World Series,” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, no question,” Suzuki said. “We could hear it from their dugout. We heard their whistling. What are you going to do?”


“We got a couple of big strikeouts when their crowd was so loud they couldn’t hear,” Suzuki said. “The whole thing was crazy. I got messed up on signs a couple of times, had to call time and take us out of rhythm. I kept thinking, ‘We have to go to the field and work early on our signs in the World Series just to stop their cheating.’ It’s so stupid and so wrong.”

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